Frequently Asked Questions

What is an escape room?

Good question. An escape room is an adventurous group activity in which you and your teammates will be given a mission or challenge to solve in 60 minutes. Your group must work together to decipher clues, solve puzzles and riddles. Each puzzle solved moves your team closer to fulfilling their mission. Seek the truth, Escape the Room!!

So, what do you mean by “escape,” will we be locked in a room?

No, the doors won’t be locked. 

Would if I’m not good at games?

Ok—so you’re not a self-proclaimed gamer. That’s ok. Many of our participants are first time escapees and they find our escape room experiences to be stimulating and deeply meaningful.

How much does it cost?
– Tickets are $22.50 for individuals.
– Each whole room is $160.00 for up to 8 participants. Whole room purchases ensure private bookings for your group.

Will this experience scare me?

Our escape rooms are not designed to be spooky like haunted houses or scary like horror movies. But let’s face it: the truth can be ugly. Because our rooms incorporate real history, you may face some unsettling realities.   

What time should I arrive for my escape room?

You must arrive on time! Your room orientation will begin promptly at the time you purchased. Late comers will be turned away 5 minutes after your time begins.

How much time will this take?

The escape room activity takes 60 minutes, followed by an optional 5-10 minute debriefing with staff.  Trust us, you’ll want to debrief after your experience.

What is the age requirement?

We require participants to be at least 10 years old.  Any groups with youth between the ages of 10-15 must have at least one adult participant in the escape room.

Are there any other requirements?

All participants will be required to sign a Waiver and Release Agreement.  For all participants under eighteen (18) years of age, a parent or legal guardian must sign a Release.  To save time, read and sign document before arrival.

Download Participation Waiver Here

How do I purchase tickets?

You can buy tickets directly on our website:

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Can I Purchase a Gift Certificate?
Absolutely! We would love for you to share the gift of enlightenment and fun with family and friends. Click below to purchase a gift certificate:

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Are tickets refundable?

Tickets are non refundable upon purchase. We may work with you to reschedule groups in special circumstances. However, there is no guarantee.

What are your hours of operation?

Thursday 5:30p – 10p

Friday 5:30p – 11p

Saturday 10a-11p

Sunday 1p-8p

Where are you located?

2800 South University Ave.

Little Rock, AR 72204

We are located in a house on the corner of University Ave. and Broadmoor — across from UALR.

How can I contact you?

(501) 353-2589

Email: info@undergroundescape.org 

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