Give Us The Ballot!

How bad do you want it?  The right to vote that is… It’s year 1957 in Massa County – a fictitious place in the Deep South. Your mission is to cast your ballot. But exercising your right to vote won’t be easy.  The Massa County Clerk has unleashed a slew of opposition and dastardly games to deny you access to the ballot box.  But there might be a break.  You’ve gotten word that the Clerk will be out of the office for 60 minutes.  Can you cast your ballot in time?

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Saving Black Wall Street

Something terrible has happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  You are an investigative journalist, so your job is to piece together this untold story. All you know is that in 1921 a massacre took place.  But no one will tell you exactly what happened. Some don’t remember while others are trying to bury the truth. Thankfully, you’ve received a tip! A former newspaper editor and massacre survivor has archives stored in the attic of a soon-to-be demolished schoolhouse.  You have 60 minutes before the demolition begins.

Can you uncover the hidden history in time to save it?

Book “Saving Black Wall Street”